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From left to right: Eric, Manon, Maxence and Rémi BURGEL


Paterfamilias and spiritual leader to the team at Beyond the Void, he is B2Expand CEO.

Started programming on a TRS-80. Data Processing Designer for a Swiss hospital system. Cryptocurrency advocate and community organizer.

In the past, he has worked on projects to prevent check fraud and improve medical imaging (tomography).

Resides in Lyon, France.

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Initial creator of Beyond the Void. Concept Artist and Lead Developer.

Six years of experience as a freelance graphic designer in the video game industry. Worked onThe Cursed Crusade(Kylotonn) and Expendable 2 (Ubisoft/Zootfly). Unity developer. Cofounder, Ratel Studio.

Digital painting instructor at Bellecour art school.

Resides in Lyon, France.


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Game Designer and Ethereum smart contract developer at Beyond the Void.

Two-year degree in Information Technology, at Institut Universitaire Technologique Lyon 1.

He has worked in data analysis for LIRIS (Pictures and Information Technology laboratory).

Avid game player and community member. Worked as a game designer at Ratel Studio.

Resides in Lyon, France.

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Manon is taking care of all of the project communication. She is active on all of the forum threads, social media, ads, articles, and scheduled events.

She is also helping to develop partnerships, and she is in charge of the marketing.

Resides in Lyon, France.

They are working with usEdit

Beside the four permanent members in the team, we are using the services of several freelance workers.

Johan DufourEdit


Front-end developer

Rolfe Dlugy-HegwerEdit

Marketing content, Writer, Editor

Maxime CatellaEdit

Video maker

Motion design

Dave SolturaEdit

Voice actor

Laurie GarelEdit


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