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Satellites or Rings can be built in the game Beyond the Void on the planets. Each planet can have 2 satellites/rings. There are three different types of satellites:

  • Economic satellites: Can build a harvester to gather “cubes” from the asteroid field. The “cubes” are required to build your fleet, do research, and use your skills. An economic satellite can be upgraded to be more effective.
  • Military satellites: Can build differents kind of warship. You can upgrade a military satellite to unlock more powerful unit for your fleet.
  • Technical satellites: can build specialized structures, do research to enhance your fleet/mothership, or even discover new technologies to win on the battlefield. You can upgrade technical satellites to unlock more powerful technologies.
Economic ring.png

Economic ring[edit | edit source]

The economic ring produce 4 Harvester for the closest asteroid field. Harvester increase your cube income.

Tier 2: produce up to 8 harvesters.


Military ring.png

Military Ring[edit | edit source]

Produce a sniper for the lane every 30 seconds.

T2: Produce Destroyers & Bombers for the lane

Engineering Ring.png

Engineering Ring[edit | edit source]

The engineering ring is a bit more complex than the others.

On T1, you can construct up to two defense tower on a spot:

Defense tower.png

The spot for defense tower are: War tower(lane), Wreck of war tower, asteroid field

Remember you can build 2 defense tower maximum per Engineering ring.

So if you have 3 engineering ring, you should be able to build up to 6 defense tower total.

The Tier 2 of the engineering ring unlock upgrade researches

You will see a new icon at the bottom right of your skill bar when you hit T2

Skills and Defense tower.png

This open the research window. The blue bar displays the status of your current research.

Research Window.png

Each research cost you 300 cube and take 3 minutes to be completed

Research progress.png

When you start a reseach, you will see the little bar at the right of the research button slowly increase until the research is done. In the upgrade research panel, you will also notice the upgrade you selected is slowly filled with blue:

Shield upgrade.png

Each Tier 2 engineering ring increase the research speed by 100% !

So if you want to unlock upgrades quicker, you know what to do now…