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“G Dee” helped us test the game before the closed beta. You can watch his video on his youtube channel:

[/youtube/q1waahfMmtk Beyond the void - Beta video guide]

Understand the game[edit | edit source]

Tactical view explained.png

You start next to your Mother-planet called Mother Something.

Defeating the Mother-planet of your enemy is the ultimate goal of each game.

Between the two Mother-planet, we find the “lane”.

On the lane there is War towers on each side.

During the game you will “push the lane”, that mean taking down fighters and war towers, so your army can get closer and closer to the enemy’s Mother-planet until you reach his door step…

You have several other objectives on the map like :

  • Neutral camp
  • Planets
  • Asteroid field
  • Events (later on)

The difficulty of Beyond the void is to make the right decision at the right time: Should you conquer a new planet? Push the lane? Harrass enemy’s harvesters ? Take a camp ? You decide, you are the captain !

Some simple advices during your matches:

  • Try to spend all your cubes. If you don’t, you doing something wrong
  • Be always active with your mothership
  • Alternate your objectives: Push the lane to the tower, then take a camp, then harass, then conquer, etc...

In game interface[edit | edit source]

Let’s take a look the interface...


  • Planet Panel: Here, you will see all the planets you own, their statuses, and the buttons to build rings (former satellites).
  • Match infos: Basic information about the current matches: The name and title of each player, the player’s avatar, and the time since the beginning of the game.
  • Cubes (resources): This are the resources you gain and use in game to: Build & Upgrade rings, use your skills and research upgrades.
  • Game options (F10): Some basic options, like the sound volume, the speed of the camera scroll, or the “surrender” button.
  • Local Minimap: Minimap based on your current camera’s position. If you are lost, take a look at this to see what is around. System Minimap: The minimap of the entire solar system. To make this minimap larger, mouse over it so you can see what’s going on. You also can give travel orders using this map.
  • Warp status bar: The status of the warp engine. See the travel section for more information. Skills panel: Here, you can see the skills you picked up during the draft, the ultimate skill of your mothership, the passive skill of your mothership, and the “conquer” skill. Each skill has a tooltip that provides basic information. However, in this version, you can’t use a skill by clicking the icon. To use a skill, use the the corresponding hotkey: Q, W, E, R, C (Those are the default settings. You can configure them in the settings window)
  • Shield/Hull bars: this represent the “life” of your mothership. The shield refill itself when out of battle, the hull don’t. However you can repair your hull by standing next to your mother-planet. If the hull strength reaches zero, your mothership is destroyed and you will have to wait between 10 and 20 seconds to get a new one.

Move the camera[edit | edit source]

To pan the camera, you can: Put your mouse on the side of the screen/window or hold middle click and drag.

If the camera pan is too fast or too slow, you can configure it in the “Game Options” (F10) menu.

To zoom the camera, use your mousewheel.

To rotate and look around, holding the left alt key and the left mouse click. The camera will return to its original angle when you release.

Finally, you can use space bar to center the view on the Mothership. So you can just hold on space bar to lock on the view on your mothership if you like this way.

Move the mothership[edit | edit source]

To move the mothership, right-click anywhere in space. Your mothership will move there.

Be aware some conditions or skills can affect your mothership’s speed or even “root” (prevent you from moving) you for a while.

The “travel” section of this guide will show you how to move long distances.

Read the Minimaps & Tactical Map[edit | edit source]

The local map (top right) and the minimap (bottom right) provide information about the entities around you.

Local map.pngThe local map (top right) display what is around your current camera view in a medium range.

Minimap.pngThe minimap (bottom right) displays the whole solar system.

Note that the minimap is bigger when your mouse is over it. You can move the camera [left click] and give a move order to your mothership [right click] by clicking on the minimap.

Minimap icons.png

Each icon represent a different entities.

You have more icons in game, but the most important ones are in the list on the left.

The color of the icon represent its team.

Red = Hostile (other player)

Blue = Ally

Yellow = Neutral Hostile (computer)

White = Neutral

The tactical view appear when you press your [TAB] key.

Tactical view.png

It displays the same information as the minimap, but bigger. Note that you can move the camera by left clicking on the tactical view, but you can’t give any move orders directly from this view.

Do you notice the red line between the two planets? This is the lane. We will talk about that in a moment...

Travel on long distance: The warp drive[edit | edit source]

Since the map is pretty big, traveling across the map at regular speed takes forever.

To help with that, we’ve implemented a warp drive.


If you try to move really far from your current position (the mouse cursor will be yellow instead of blue), your mothership will try to activate its warp drive.

Any damage during the loading will delay the start of the warp drive (or prevent you from warping).

Some units/structures along your path can break the warp, so be aware of your trajectory.

During the warp, you can’t change your destination. You will have to wait until the warp ends to control your mothership again.

The warp status bar will provide information about the current status of the warp drive.

Warp status.gif

One resource: The cube[edit | edit source]

At the top right you may notice a number and a blue cube:


This is the the resource in game to build ship, do researchs and use your skills.

We call it “the cube”.

Ring Construction[edit | edit source]

You may notice this panel on the left side of your screen:

Satellites.pngThis is your planet’s panel. It show you the current health (shield & hull) of the planet.

It also allow you to build “ring” for your planet. Ring are former satellites, they allow you do have more ship, construct tower, do research, etc. If you played any RTS, this is your buildings.

To build a ring, just click on the icon of the corresponding ring.

  • Each ring cost you 100 cubes and take 25 seconds to be built
  • Upgrade a ring cost you 300 cube and take 40 seconds. We call this upgrade “Tier 2” or “T2”
Economic ring.png

Economic Ring[edit | edit source]

The economic ring produce 4 Harvester for the closest asteroid field. Harvester increase your cube income.

Tier 2: produce up to 8 harvesters.


Military ring.png

Military Ring[edit | edit source]

Produce a sniper for the lane every 30 seconds.

T2: Produce Destroyers & Bombers for the lane

Engineering Ring.png

Engineering Ring[edit | edit source]

The engineering ring is a bit more complex than the others.

On T1, you can construct up to two defense tower on a spot:

Defense tower.png

The spot for defense tower are: War tower(lane), Wreck of war tower, asteroid field

Remember you can build 2 defense tower maximum per Engineering ring.

So if you have 3 engineering ring, you should be able to build up to 6 defense tower total.

The Tier 2 of the engineering ring unlock upgrade researches

You will see a new icon at the bottom right of your skill bar when you hit T2

Skills and Defense tower.png

This open the research window. The blue bar displays the status of your current research.

Research Window.png

Each research cost you 300 cube and take 3 minutes to be completed

Research progress.png

When you start a reseach, you will see the little bar at the right of the research button slowly increase until the research is done.

In the upgrade research panel, you will also notice the upgrade you selected is slowly filled with blue:

Shield upgrade.png

Each Tier 2 engineering ring increase the research speed by 100% !

So if you want to unlock upgrades quicker, you know what to do now…

Planet ability[edit | edit source]

You can build up to two rings on each planet

Each combination of rings on one planet give you a special ability.

Planet ability.png

A planet ability cost you 120 cubes

You can activate it by clicking the button at the bottom right of your planet panel or by using the hotkey (here F1).

Conquer a planet[edit | edit source]

Conquer a planet is pretty simple. When you stand next to a neutral planet (white bar), you will see a hint to tell you you can conquer the planet.

Just press “C” (or the hotkey you assigned to “skill conquer”).

Conquering a planet cost you 150 cubes

Be aware that damages can interrupt the process and the conquer will be cancelled.

Conquer a planet.png

How to fight[edit | edit source]

By default, your mothership will attack every hostiles around.

You can select a specific target by right clicking on it.

You CAN attack hostile planet (red & yellow) with your mothership (just right click on it).

You can use your skill too. Skills can have a cost (in cube) and a cooldown (in second).

To use a skill, just press the corresponding hotkey


You can change the hotkeys in the settings (F10).

The swarm[edit | edit source]

Each ring produce one swarm units:

Economic: produce Mercenary

Military: produce Berserk

Engineering: produce Guardian

If a swarm unit die, it will respawn after 30 seconds

When you get your first swarm unit, a new panel should appear at the bottom of the screen:

Swarm units.png

The number is the number of swarm units you currently have. If it’s blue, you have every swarm unit you can (here i have 3 rings, so 3 swarm units). In orange mean there is some units dead / not spawned yet.

The green bar represent so total health of the swarm. (Note: for some reason, it doesn’t work in version 0.1.1, we will fix it later on :)

The 3 icons (from left to right):

View swarm (G): center the camera on your swarm when it is on strike mode.

Strike mode (D): give your swarm a target location to attack / defend

Guard mode (F): order your swarm to follow you and assist you in combat (default mode)

The currently active mode is displayed in color, other are displayed in grayscale (but can still be activated)

To use strike mode just press the corresponding hotkey or use the button and choose your target location…

Swarm target.png

( Note: There is a bug with the guard order, sometime the swarm simply doesn’t want to warp to your mothership. In this case, just order a strike next to your position, then go to guard mode once they warped )

Basic strategy (simple build order to start)[edit | edit source]

There is many strategy to start the game. I will give you a simple and effective one.

It will show you different aspect of the game (build, conquer, fight) and give you pretty strong early game.

Choose whatever you want during the draft.

  1. Construct an Economic ring on your Mother-planet
  2. Fly to the closer neutral planet and conquer it
  3. Once conquered, build an Economic ring on the second planet
  4. Now you should be low on resources, so let’s take the “ressources bonus” camp with the “rebel cargo” in it. It will give you 200 cube once defeated.
  5. You should be able to build a Military ring on your Mother-planet
  6. Go to the lane to defend your tower, and use your Mother-planet ability when you can. Eco+Military give you the “War effort” ability, which spawn 3 more fighters.
  7. Now you have a strong economy, and a strong early game lane. You may be able to take the first war tower
  8. Have fun :)

FAQ[edit | edit source]

  • When will this game be released?
  • What are the system requirements for the game?
  • Recommanded OS: Windows 7 64-bit or newer. Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 @ 3.10 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 955 @ 3.10 GHz. Memory: 4 GB RAM. Graphics: Radeon HD 8850M or NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M with 1GB VRAM. Storage: 2 GB available space. Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card.
  • What is the Economy in the game like?
  • Specific Economy information can be found here.

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