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Welcome to Beyond the Void Mercenaries!

Beyond the Void is a Free to Play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) in 1 versus 1! Put on your captain suit, challenge an opponent, select your mothership and its abilities, develop your fleet and conquer the enemy's mother planet. Will you be able to lead the war Beyond the Void?

Board a mothership: select between three different motherships then challenge your friends to 1vs1 online matches, train against the AI, or compete in ranked games.

Draft your skills: build up your mothership battle strategy. Collect resources and conquer neutral planets as you forge your fleet and improve your mothership’s statistics.

Dominate your ennemy: defeat the enemy by conquering their base planet. Your victory is the first step toward building your reputation amongst the BtV community. Fight in order to be the most respected Captain!

Beyond the Void is currently available in early access on steam.

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